Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Addition to the Hero and Villain design and the Villains armour

After chatting with Justin today it was a definite that my hero is just too generic, the character I want to portray is supposed to be 18, a rather arrogant and fearless character and what I've produced is just way too simple and generic. Justin spoke about the crystal pendant around the neck and asked whether it could be used. After thinking about it I want to incorporate the use of magic for both the Villain and Hero from the shards of the light and dark crystal which would be attached to some form of bracelet for the hero and then moulded into the glove armour of the villain. This would allow the hero to use all the elemental magic due to the light crystal absorbing the elemental crystals power and shattering them around the planet. The villain would be able to use the dark magic after managing to salvage an un-destroyed shard of the dark crystal after the light crystal destroyed the dark crystal to stop the villain from transporting more monstrous creatures to help him rule the skies.

With the hero I think that due to the fusion with the magic from the crystal and tattoo-like pattern will appear on the arm in the colour of the element used. And in thoughts about the costume a take on the aviator jacket was discussed which I will incorporate into his design. Also to make the design a bit more asymmetric and less generic I'm going to take a leaf out of the character designer of Final Fantasy characters Tetsuya Nomura who uses a lot of belts and buckles which Justin encouraged I should look into.

On to the Villain design finally and I think that I have cracked the design for the armour which suits the dragon features of the character. I'm going to do some designs of the crystal glove of the villain with the weapon prop.

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