Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Synopsis and character synopis and backstory

2 orphans sneak onto a sky pirate ship in attempt to lead a life of adventure. They are captured by the crew but are recognised by the captain therefore he allows them to stay on the ship and aid him in finding the powerful shattered elemental crystals. These crystals have the power to create a crystal of light when formed together which has the power to banish the evil sky pirate king and his dastardly crew.

Hero is an orphan who has just turned 18 and knows that soon he will have to leave the orphanage and work. When he was young he read to the other children about a group of sky pirates who risked their lives to save the world and wanted to live a life of adventure. He built a good friendship with another orphan girl who he was very protective over he finds a box dropped by a merchant and inside are two crystal shards. With these shards he creates two necklaces in a token of their everlasting friendship. He wishes to leave the orphanage and sneak onto a pirate ship to have adventures he’s always dreamt about. A strong and brave character he comes across as arrogant but deep within his heart he is a caring soul especially for his close friend Sidekick

Sidekick is an orphan who is 17 and is close friends with Hero. She was fascinated by the stories that Hero would read to her and the other children and wanted to be an adventurer with him. She was overjoyed with the necklace that she had received but soon realised this was a leaving present and as Hero sneaks off she follows him aboard the pirate ship. A cute but clumsy character she is agitated by Hero leaving but deep down she cares for him.

Villain is a sky pirate who betrayed his fellow sky pirates long ago and formed a crystal of darkness from the elemental crystals to open up a portal and gain a crew of monstrous pirates to rule the skies himself. The other sky pirates sacrificed themselves and the crystal of light turned the Villain into a monster himself before being locked away in the crystal of light. The crystal of light destroys the crystal of darkness and shatters the elemental crystals sending them into different directions around the world in an attempt to stop the Villain from creating another crystal of darkness to make his crew stronger. Strong, monstrous, cruel and powerful the Sky pirate king holds a great power over the skies as him and his crew search the world for the shattered elemental crystals.

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  1. Nice Synopsis here Max. I would watch your sidekick role here, though. You seem to be implying that the hero and sidekick may, in the future, be romantically involved (or at least, it seems a possible outcome. Its fine to have this set up in your story, but that role is not a sidekick. Essentially, she is the heroes potential love interest. Sidekicks are also seldom vulnerable - if the audience cares too much about them, they are likely to focus on their story, rather than the heroes.
    Your female character can still be part of your story however (even though you wont be designing her), but perhaps she has a humorous pet or creature she brings along.