Tuesday, 4 October 2011

4/10/2011 - Character Design Class 3

This weeks lesson was all about variances in characters face and figure design to convey character.

In the faces it was hard to break out of generic designs at first apart from the middle design from the bottom middle layer I managed to start creating some variance...I think I need to practice on the idea of variance in the face designs so that it conveys the type of character that I'm trying to create.

After this task we were handed the pictures of recognised characters and I picked Mr Incredible. We had to figure out the body shapes behind these characters.

In these drawings the lines convey the movable and flexible sections of the characters where as the circles convey fixed points with little or no flexibility. After this I quickly slendered down Mr Incredible but seeing Justin's prompts on the T.V. made me realise that I needed to take this more extremely with the character and lose the broad shoulders.

Lastly we were asked to create a line up of henchman. Justin said that in terms of my characters they all fitted into a more realistic style but needed a lot more variance in their shape as broad shoulders featured too often. However I am pleased with these designs but I know I definately need to work harder on perfecting these simple steps to make my character design stronger.

I also found a nice post on a website which I think will aid my progression in perfecting these simple guidelines in character design.

Take a look on the website - Figures: They Speak For Themselves

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