Monday, 26 September 2011

Research: Monsters and Pirates

I came across a cartoon called Monsters and Pirates

Opening -

Synopsis -

The story begins with the crews of the Eldoradoand the Aurora involved in a bloody battle to be the first to find the treasure of the Atoll of the Mists and earn the Pirate School diploma.

No-one knows who’s going to win the challenge, but then there’s is a dramatic turn of events: tired of teaching at the school, Professor Espadonlays an ambush for the children, so that he can seize the treasure. Flinnand Alisea, the captains of the two crews, decide to join forces and, together with the aspiring pirates, they defeat the dreaded Espadon.

Professor Montego, the new headmaster, makes an exception to the rule and awards the diploma to both crews. But there is no time to celebrate the end of the school term because the new pirates cannot wait to take to the seas. Spurred on by his grandfather, Captain Flinn wants to retrieve the lucky star of his homeland, Dolphin Island, plundered many years ago together with the possessions of the inhabitants of the island.

Alisea, on the other hand, wants to leave immediately to show her father that she is a real piratess; Thomas is a little doubtful about this but he throws himself headfirst into the adventure because he wants to become rich. The crews soon find themselves sailing, racing each other once again, toward the same goal: the treasure of Captain Barracuda, the most dreaded pirate that ever sailed the seas. Each crew has one third of the map with the missing piece in the hands of Krill, the gruff boatswain of the dreaded Barracuda.

This challenge is full of action with ghost islands, erupting volcanoes, petrified forests and dramatic turns of events that culminate with the mutiny of Thomas and the two monsters of the Eldorado, who feel that Linda is too good.

Aliseais saved by Flinnand boards the Aurora together with the grumpy old boatswain, Krill. They reach Thomas and the monsters on the treasure island and defeat them. Flinnhas succeeded: there is a huge celebration on Dolphin Island! (Episodes 3-7). Everything seems to be going well for Flinn and Alisea, who are no longer forced to fight each other and can live happily together on the same ship. But the tranquility does not last long, because Thomas and professor Espadonhave decided to take revenge on the Aurora, and this leads to a series of entertaining and fantastic adventures on the high seas and on islands inhabited by strange, funny creatures.

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I think that this is a brilliant find for me and will definitely propel some thoughts behind my own synopsis and the character design as well.

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