Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pirate Monsters Backstory and Synopsis

I don't know whether I've over thought this and complicated it too much but this is my idea for my Pirate Monsters cartoon -

Back story:
After a huge natural disaster to the planet 4 crystals are formed from the four elements, Earth, Ice, Fire and Water. 5 Sky pirates friends gather the crystals in the hope of forming a light crystal to renew the earth but four of them are betrayed by the other member who summons a crystal of darkness opening a portal to another dimension. The four hero pirates are sucked into the portal while the fifth sky pirate summons monsters from the other dimension in order to rule the world and its skies. The light crystals power overwhelms the crystal of darkness and destroys it while shattering the elemental crystals in quarters sending the pieces all over world in order to stop the villainous sky pirate from creating another dark crystal. The villainous sky pirate is turned into a monster himself for his cruelty, enraged, he smashes the light crystal and throws the remains into the ocean below.

The lead hero is an 18 year old orphan male accompanied by his friend a 17 year old orphan female. In their orphanage they are read stories of 4 sky pirate heroes who through sacrifice made the world a better place to live in but were betrayed. The two children are infatuated with these stories and make it their aim to become sky pirates and battle the evil sky pirate in search of the four crystals and banish him and his crew back to their cruel dimension.  The mischievous pair head off into the streets catching a glimpse of two necklaces of the same kind which the female loves and exclaims that they can be a sign of their friendship. The male steals the necklaces but when placed around their necks they let out a bright flash of light. Believing them to be the shards from the crystal of light, they swear to each other as friends they will find the crystals of elements and form a new light crystal. The two young adventurers climb aboard a docked sky ship in cloaks in hope to become sky pirates but are caught by the captain. Just as the captain of the ship is about to throw the two off the ship he notices the glowing necklaces and takes off the hoods revealing their faces. The captain is stunned as he believes to recognise the pair from somewhere and agrees to let them become sky pirates after hearing their interest in finding the crystals in order to banish the sky pirate villain. The two new recruits help the captain on his adventures to find the elemental crystals while their feelings of friendship begin to become more.

Some explanation –
The four hero pirates are made up of two couples who found true love while the 5th betrays the two couples in jealousy of their love. Before the two couples leave on their quest they leave their children outside an orphanage in order to keep their identities safe until they return as they believe that their fifth member  is not as trustworthy as he seems.

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