Sunday, 25 September 2011

Narrative: An idea

Alan's group tutorials were extremely helpful I found and I'm glad due to the smaller class that we get time to do them. In terms of progress the group has bounced many trailers and thoughts on the genre off each other but we weren't able to bring anything together. Alan has brought us together and made us think more into the story. After the chat with Alan the group has swerved in favour of a comedy storyline which is going to be extremely difficult. We have to become comedians and make sure our timing is strong with the comedy otherwise we are going to have a trailer of cheap gags.

An idea was put forward through our tutorials that maybe our characters never actually made it to Mars and actually find themselves in somewhere like the Grand Canyon but the characters think they are on Mars. I have drawn out an idea of my thoughts on how we may want to approach our trailer. (This is just an idea characters involved and story moments will be discussed in group and changed to suit the groups overall idea).

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