Thursday, 22 September 2011


Had a quick chat with Alan around ideas for my characters in the character design project. I threw an idea around which isn't very concrete to which he guided me into the idea of a MacGuffin. By thinking of a MacGuffin I can shape my characters around it, creating a world around it for my characters to decide what parts they would inhabit in that world therefore producing their back story and characteristics. For example in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie the MacGuffin was the coin medallion which Willaim Turner possessed which drives the narrative and brings out the backstory that Will's father was a pirate. The Villain is after the coin to break the curse upon him and his crew which William obtains from his father. If I can come up with a MacGuffin to propel my story and drive my character design with a purpose then this unit is going to be much easier for me.

So off to do more research into history of pirates and monsters to come up with a MacGuffin!!!

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