Thursday, 22 September 2011

Character Design: Pirate Monsters

In our first character design lesson we were presented with a deck of cars and asked to choose 2 cards from the pack which from a table on the brief we would be given two genres to splice together. I chose from the pack Pirate Monsters which obviously brought Pirates of the Caribbean to my thoughts which would undoubtedly play some role in my research.

Stereotypically we think of pirates being dangerous thieves of the sea, hunting for treasure, beards, hooks, eyepatches, wooden legs and the wonderful catchphrase ARRRR!!! This is obviously a root to look into such as the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) or Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Thinking along the lines of a hero for the cartoon William Turner would be a good place to start, being more of a 'landlover' turned pirate with good looks and bravery. And then for a villain I have the pleasure of the inspiration from Davey Jones and his squid-like face. In an effort of making an 80's show be kind of light hearted and silly the sidekick could be that of a kraken type beast (sidekick for the villain) but be quite small, clumsy and not very intimidating. These are the first obvious parts of research I will do but I definitely will move on to different horizons for sure.

Fig. 1
An example of something which I have only just come across is a cartoon from the 90's titled The Pirates of Dark Water produced by Hannah Barbera. You can watch the opening here. The series followed a group of adventurers in seek of the thirteen treasures of rule which would stop the alien planet Mer from being consumed by a substance called Dark Matter. The series looks very much fantasy based but could give me great inspiration in styles.

Fig. 2
Other ideas that I feel I should look into are the characters from Disney's Treasure Planet which is Treasure Island in space....

Fig. 3
Or take some character design features the videogame series Dynasty Warriors has for characters such as the former pirate Gan Ning...

Fig. 4

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