Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Research into friendly or cute Aliens

For my idea I want to look into the science-fiction genre and films such as E.T. and the Iron Giant will be a big inspiration into my ideas. Thinking about this I feel that to compliment the soundscape the mood will have to be lighthearted, magical and mysterious therefore the characters involved will have to mirror these characteristics.  In terms of aliens showing these characteristics here are a few examples -

E.T. -

Lovable E.T. was released in 1982 focusing on a young boy making friends with a friendly alien who is stranded on earth. The characters Elliot and E.T. are based on Spielberg and an imaginery 'brother' figure that filled his emotional void from his parents divorce. The two characters in the film share a psychic link through their friendship causing Elliot to become innebriated after E.T. drinks beer. E.T. talks with croaky voice but his childish and naive antics provide the audience with a cute character creating a beuatiful story of friendship.


Poor Paul unfortunately had to combat with massive stereotyping issues (He looks like the overused image of alien with a big oval shaped head withmassive eyes). However the difference with Paul is that by being voiced by Seth Rogen he takes on a 'stoner' persona splicing a strange laid back attitude with a caring side.


Roger is a stereotypical Roswell grey however he's an absolute alcoholic and has a strange, childish attitude. Throughout the series Roger changes into many different outfits male and female changing his accent to suit the character he creates and he has been involved in important moments of American history such as playing for the Miracle on Ice Hockey team in 1980. I don't think that creating a character from Roger's characteristics will fit with my soundscape but it's more looking into his movements and design.



Stitch crash landed on Earth after escaping from his creator Jumba and makes friends with a young girl named Lilo. Stitch was originally created to destroy but ends up learning to speak and becomes civilised. Stitch is another alien who frequently dresses up, for example in the photo above he is dressed as Elvis where Lilo explains to Stitch that Elvis is a model citizen and he needs to act like him. Stitch has a misleading character design to him by which he has giant eyes but when he opens his mouth he reveals his scary teeth.

These are just a few examples of aliens living within a family setting and I feel that there character designs and characteristics can aid me into coming up with ideas for either an alien or robot to crash down into a suburbian America.

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