Thursday, 21 July 2011

Quick image getting my first idea out there

Don't judge me but I got this idea from Transformers 3. A scene where Sam watches as the autobots shuttle is shot out of the sky gave me the idea of having the alien/robot come down from the sky like a meteorite. I liked this shot and think it's a great inspiration and linking with the Super 8 concept art I feel that either watching over someone's shoulder or having a character in the shot to make the viewer feel part of the group and involved. The following image is just a quick laying down of my ideas so I can work into my idea by coming up with characters and why they are there. I want to make the image much more dramatic when I come to do it properly, making it much more cinematic and upping the scale.

(If there is a problem viewing the image let me know will probably have to change the levels as it is very black)

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