Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Pitch feedback

The pitch was a nerve racking but enjoyable experience and I feel that over this past year I have gained a lot of confidence in public speaking environments. The group B pitch was really good and it's so good to see the amount of progression that we all have gone through. I'm very excited in producing my first 3D animation.

From the Pitch I need to address a few issues to make my animation to the best of my ability. Firstly is the way in which my virus moves, Dr. Klappa was more impressed with a Naval mine movement in my pre-viz than the 'Hippy' looking virus that I had portrayed in my concept art.

Another part of my work I need to address is the space. The animation needs to be in epic scale, huge caverns stricken with many portruding icicles and the virus in comparison needs to be tiny. This will show the danger that this one virus causes to the body and also through the thoughts on space I need to get the audience to understand where abouts they are within the body, as it was pointed out that when the virus was within the lungs there wasn't enough space to indicate this. My concept art also struggled with the spacial awareness and I need to look into this and produce more epic scaled areas for the audience to become overwhelmed with to then encourage a huge amount of devastation to shock the audience.

Although it wasn't cut properly for the animatic I need to get the soundtrack and the images to match up to make sure my animation is seamless. I want them to compliment each other so making sure that images fall on certain beats to hook in my audience.

Anyway my first pitch experience was an enjoyable one and I have learnt a lot from it. So thankyou for all the feedback I've received.

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