Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flu Idea I have been working on

I really like the idea of portraying the Flu virus as being ice cold so when it travels through the respiratory system it causes icicles to form and also when the camera moves to the alveoli sacs at the end of the animation I would like to portray the pneuomnia symptoms as a rising icy lake. With my concept of the flu virus I looked at the spikes (Hemagglutinin) and wanted to change them into tentacles which at will can sharply spike out. The reason for tentacles is my interest in the movement being similar to that of a sentinel from the Matrix but I kept the Neuraminidase the same.

Another thought in relation to the artist Luke Jerram and his glass sculptures is to give the flu virus a see through exterior where the RNA can be seen in the middle which glow with a blue aura.

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