Thursday, 14 April 2011

Unit 6 Ideas on story

Putting my first idea down to basics as a three act structure. The initial idea for me is to incorporate a siegeof the host cell by the virus much like that of my inspiration of the Matrix Revolutions siege of zion scenes.

For the first scene I would have a single flu virus making its way into the lungs and head for a cell. Then cue a siege style scene where the RNA from within the virus burst through after the virus breaks through the wall of the host cell and shoot towards the nucleus to change the code within. After this the RNA will make their way to the cell membrane breaking through. It will then show a shot of the virus breaking free from the host cell which begins to die in the background. The camera will then slowly zoom out from the current target virus to reveal many more viruses around emerging from dying host cells.

I feel like it should be left on a cliffhanger ending a sort of hopeless seeming situation. The target audience I want to approach is a more teenage audience.

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