Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Unit 6: Commission

"Bugger me with a dead weasel" Dr. Peter Klappa, 2011

Yesterdays briefing was hilarious but at the same time extremely scary and intimidating. The gloves are off and I need to move on from my past mistakes and look into my issues with work. I'm going to look into my timetable and manage it so that I can accompany for the massive workload that we are all about to take on. The examples of last year certainly are incredible and I know through prompts from Phil that I need to prove myself as a worthy student, this is it, I'm in this for the long run.

Right away from all that, with the tasks being very focused on the body, infections and viruses I had one film going through my mind that would seem to be a good idea to look into again. Osmosis Jones produced by Warner Bros. is a film which follows a white blood cell accompanied by a cold pill trying to stop a deadly virus from destroying the body of Frank.


  1. Last years Dr. Klappa comment was, 'Smack my bottom and call me Julie!' :)

  2. Ah yes I remember it well, maybe the course should compile a list of popular Klapper-isms for publication.