Thursday, 28 April 2011

Idea for the time machine essay

I am a huge fan of Edgar Wright - especially Scott Pilgrim - and I would like to look into the world of Wright and his influences. His films are a mash up of genres and contain many homages to other films. Shaun of the Dead for instance is considered to be a postmodern film in the way it twists the conventions of the zombie genre ultimately becoming a romantic comedy........with zombies.

What influences Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright -


  1. remember the essay question, Max - using 'key ideas' from the lecture series in application to something from your area - key ideas: the enlightenment project, Romanticism, Gothic, Psychoanalysis etc, etc,

    If you want to write on Edgar Wright, park it until you're studying postmodernism in year 2...

  2. Ah ok Phil thankyou back to the drawing board