Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A couple of thoughts on music is a website I regularly visit to view flash animations and look at the art that people share. The audio portal has many uploads from users and to start with I thought for quite an epic 'siege' scene similar to the sentinels in the matrix a classical piece which shifted from a soft piece to a violent epic would fit perfectly.

The first track that I found was titled '10 Reprise of the Brave by the author Peter Satera. I think this fits in well with my ideas behind my animation. The second track I found was titled Sorrow by the author Thomas L. The title is fitting and I feel that it gives a sense of hopelessness which I really like.

'10 Reprise of the Brave



  1. The Reprise of the Brave certainly sounds very epic, and I can imagine a huge battle scene. Is that what your main idea is based around?

    Cause if it is that ones certainly the clincher, but be careful when you put it together for you'll need to marry up when the slow/epic scenes occur to match the music.

    Anywho great research :D

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  3. My thoughts are based around a single flu virus travelling through the body into the lungs accompanied by a soft classical start.

    Then when the virus reaches its intended target (probably a cell within the lung). The virus will burst after being absorbed through the cell membrane releasing 'sentinel-like' RNA cue the faster pace with these RNA bolting for the nucleus where its information is copied.

    RNA leaves the cell alone accompanied by slow pace music when suddenly the camera zooms out to reveal many more viruses leaving dying cells which would be accompanied by the faster paced music again.

    Thanks for the comment :)

  4. After reading how its going to be laid out I can see how its going to work. This is going to look great Max :D