Monday, 21 March 2011



  1. Interim Online Review 22/03/2011

    Hey Max,

    Your story pretty much works; a couple of suggestions; one, you might want to consider a brief establishing shot of the shop exterior, just to underline the location etc. Also, it's not clear what flatcap trips over; your script says it's a cable from a display light, but that info is not truly in your storyboard. Is there an alternative? Something more obvious or connected to the window display itself? In terms of your character designs, I suggest you explore additional ways to convey the various character traits through the physicality of the hatstands themselves: for example, you've got the 2 male characters identical apart from their hats, but consider thickening out the oafish one somehow - make it more 'characterful' so that it moves differently - has different weight, or made from a different material. In terms of animation, you'll need to give the male aristo a clear behaviour and movement, that contrasts with the flatcap's movement:

    consider for influence:


  2. In terms of your essay - fine, but get your introduction written and posted in which you clearly state your investigative intentions and your sources...