Monday, 14 March 2011

@Phil Unit 5 Ideas

Unit 5 - Ideas


  1. Hey Max,

    I wonder if you might want to consider the setting for the hat-stand - for example, if it was in a very fancy department store, for example, or somewhere suitably 'posh' - you could have the oafish hatstand trying to impress another, more refined hatstand (a lady one, perhaps) - and just getting everything all wrong; the setting could be a department story window, for example?

    You could use specific items of clothing to 'say' something about your hatstand - you could play with ideas about class and social status - for instance, you could make your 'oaf' a hadstand with a 'flat cap' in a shop window full of those 'head-style' hatstands with posh ladies headware etc.

  2. I really like the feminine hat stand that is such a great idea! Thanks for your help Phil I will look into these ideas!