Friday, 11 March 2011


1 A stupid person
2 a big clumsy slow-witted person

Two well famous characters come to mind from gaining this definition.

From this definition and first character influences I think that I should look into the idea of the hat stand being clumsy when looking after hats, maybe dropping them all the time. An oaf is considered to be rather tasteless as well (in a more aristocratic definition) and I think exploring a more simple design for the hat stand would work really well. In connection with the aristocratic definition maybe an introduction of a beautiful and expensive hat could be introduced as a character who is disgusted at the appearance of the hat stand.

Looking for outside influences on the idea of turning a hat stand into an inanimate object I can look no further than the hat stand from Beauty and the Beast. Known as the Hospitable Hat Rack this has given me a good idea as to how the 'anatomy' of a hat stand would look.

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