Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Act drawings

Act 1

Plain facial hat stand with a flat cap enters from the dark corner of the window display of a hat shop. He hops around the display but is rather unsteady.

Act 2

He sees a beautiful swan necked hat stand with an elegant hat perched on top. He dances around but knocks into other hat stands in the display window knocking them over to which the feminine hat stand turns away.

Act 3

The Hat stand hops off in sadness back to his corner of the display. The flat cap is then removed and replaced with an expensive hat. The hat stand becomes more confident and as he hops to the front of the display the swan necked hat stand takes notice but he walks straight past in triumph.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Max - I like the ending - but you need to think a little more about the actual sequence of events by which the 'oafishness' of the hatstand can be conveyed - otherwise, it might just read as 'clumsy'. Obviously, the 'oafishness' is the female hatstand's perception of the other hatstand, so you might want to consider using the female's pov to exaggerate the other hat stands antics - as if to show her peception of him (as opposed to the truth of his behaviour).