Sunday, 20 February 2011

Unit 4 refined Scribd presentation

Unit 4 Ideas Mark 2

Here is the refined story from the feedback you gave Phil.

Also I watched the trailer and then read up about the Friday the 13th 'franchise' and the overview of the films. Most of them seem extremely laughable and after witnessing the disgrace that Jason X was (Seriously who the hell came up with that idea?) I'm sure I wont be missing out too much. Thanks for the feedback on it though. In terms of my essay I found a book titled Understanding Realism looking into the relationship of moving image and appearance and reality.


  1. Hey Max - I only meant for you to look at the scene in which Jason gets pulled into the earth by the 'root demons' at the end of Part 9... you poor bugger, putting yourself through that particular cultural experience... Actually, I thought Jason X was quite witty in places - yes, you heard it here first - and now my reputation is done for :)

  2. Okay - Max - read the script - time to progress with confidence and make it happen. Bear in mind, however, that you're preproducing an animation (not a live action movie) so don't be afraid to impose a strong, bold style on proceedings - in terms of environment, art direction, visual concept and character design.

  3. It was rather terrible haha but I'm sure I'll be ok.... And hahaha I'll let you off Phil this once but I will not class it as something I would watch again willingly :p Ok thankyou again for the feedback