Thursday, 3 February 2011

A quick chat with Jonny Sharples

Jonny showed me the ideas that he had drawn upon for this unit. I recall a couple of his ideas that he initially ran by me during the reading week when we met up, the first being an idea of a serial killer 'zoo' and the guests were picked off one by one and the other having a Vietnam flashback theme inspired by the character Flippy from Happy Tree Friends causing mayhem around the zoo.

Looking into his other ideas we both agreed that due to copyright of characters they wouldn't be a possibility for his work. I also put forward an alternate idea for Jonny to think about inspired by his idea of a snake becoming the lasso prop, where a serial killer would take refuge within a zoo and the animals would try to thwart him in his plans by causing general upset to his hiding spots and coming to the conclusion of being caught by a snake lasso.

Further notes for Jonny I think looking into films such as Madagascar or the not so successful The Wild from Disney would be helpful as a start for animal designs for his characters.

In talking about my work Jonny was key to note about the changes that I had undergone from our previous chat. I told him my intentions and reasons for changing the gender of my main character and felt that due to the syndrome that I intend my character to have it would make much more sense into changing the gender into a female. I will explore more into environment design, character design and style in which I will adapt to.

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