Thursday, 10 February 2011

@Phil in reference to essay and Plot ideas

Hi Phil for my essay I was thinking of looking into Christopher Nolan's Inception and it's structure in terms of being much like a dream itself as it jumps from Cobb attempting to rescue Mr. Saito from limbo. Also looking into the ending and its similarities with dreams as being ambiguous and open to interpretation. I'm sure there is much more to look into but I really liked this film and would love to dive in and look into others interpretations and so on.

Also in reference to my plot ideas could you have a look into them so I can drive my character design from it. Just some feedback on whether I need to tweak anything or whether I'm heading in the wrong direction

Plot Ideas


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  1. Hey Max - get your preferred plot into a Scribed screenplay - keep it simple - give me the bones -and an influence map, in terms of tone. I'll let you know what I think asap. Re. the essay, because the essay is looking at the relationship between story and structure, Inception does seem like a good choice - but I wonder, once you've made the observation that the structure echoes that of a dream - is there anything more left to say? What you need to find is a bigger idea with a context to power your analysis of film; for example; 'montage editing' or 'anti-linear narrative' or 'non-linear narrative' or 'cinema verite' - just as in the Time Machine (or the uncanny essay), you'll need to first build a more general context for an idea before applying it to your chosen case-study; so, for example, if you looking at talking about Psycho in terms of the contribution of editing, you'd first have to build a context for 'montage editing' etc. (which would mean researching the term more generally, and in other, earlier films, so you can apply it knowingly - which would mean having to also show an understanding of 'invisible editing' - which is the context for understand montage editing.) You need to look for a film that invites this kind of content and opportunity for building a strong discussion.