Thursday, 3 February 2011

Münchausen syndrome by proxy

From a prompt by Phil I looked into the idea of using Münchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) which has shifted as to whether my character is going to be male or female. I feel that taking on this syndrome in my story would shift the gender of the brain surgeon into a female character.

So first thoughts on this I feel that the female character would be much more of an androgynous female to have a caring nature covering up a violent nature underneath. On the thoughts of appearance looking into actress Tilda Swinton

The reason for the change of character gender is that in looking into MBPS the offender is usually a mother who comes across to others as a caring natured person and is one of the most harmful forms of child abuse. MBPS is a horrible thing and it's quite scary to read that it is'nt usually sort out because of Doctors not suspecting that any carer would ever harm children in this way.

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