Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ideas so far

I feel that for my story after chatting with Phil it should have horror elements within the story cushioned with some slapstick and comedic elements. The basic idea behind it so far is that my character the brain surgeon has evidence of failed surgeries which he aims to get rid of by hiding in his garden. He carries the 'evidence' in his trusty wheelbarrow which he then buries in his garden and then plants flowers on top. In Phil's prompt on a revenge storyline the plants would gain an intelligence from the 'evidence' and cause chaos attempting to thwart the surgeons plans on further 'evidence' burial. Obviously this is just an initial beginning in which many things need to be looked into such as the back story of the Surgeon.

How has he got himself into a predicament of having to hide failed surgeries?

I was thinking more into the idea of giving the surgeon a split-personality disorder much like that of Dr. Jekyll in which a Hyde-like personality was taking over him, doing horrible deeds and the flowers getting revenge on the personality forcing it away? It just seemed ironic to have a brain surgeon with a psychological defect that can be treated with brain surgery.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  


  1. Maybe the garden is the grounds of the hospital? And the brain surgeon is burying his botched patients beneath the rosebushes to hide his incompetency from his colleagues? Perhaps he's very proud, or perhaps he's close to retirement (and losing his touch) or perhaps he's got Munchausen's by proxy syndrome (look it up)...

    You'll need to look at Triffids, I'm guessing, the 1986 musical Little Shop of Horrors, and there was a great episode of the tv series, Tales of the Unexpected, entitled The Sound Machine that you might want to track down too...

  2. Wow Phil Münchausen syndrome by proxy is such a dark idea....I love it! (In an idea way....) I remember seeing a little bit of the remake of the Triffids on ITV I will definately give these a look. Thanks Phil