Sunday, 20 February 2011

Getting back into drawing

It's safe to say that I have neglected practising drawing people which has always been my strength I think. So In light of trying to come up with ideas of what my brain surgeon will turn out like I have done a few drawings from memory and a few with the aid of female models mainly Tilda Swinton and a new influence Lena Headey who comes across as a little more feminine.

This first page consists of two male ideas but I felt that a female character would be much more fitting into my story. The male images were supposed to be really horrific, stereotypical eyebrows meeting in the middle making them seem untrustworthy. The female character moved onto looking into more androgynous territory to make my character seem caring but have a sense of violence within her character.

The first two images are off the top of my head, the second one in my oppinion more successful, and the third being in an interest into developing the shadowy style I'm after for my work (drawn from a picture of Tilda Swinton). These images were developed in thinking of a more intimidating female character but I feel that I may move away from the Tilda Swinton-esque look for my character and go for a slightly more feminine but strong looking female in the look of Lena Headey (Known for Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles which I thought wasn't too bad, Well much better than Terminator 3 but that's not too hard really).

A couple of images here are just copied drawings of Swinton and Headey in efforts to practice the shapes of the faces that I want to create. The middle right image is a pose of Headey but attempting to play around with features. I definately need to work more into my shapes but I feel that my character must change in order to adapt to the story changes. My character buries the evidence of her failed tests in light of trying to benifit others and therefore I feel she needs a slightly more caring image, still with a slight masculinity, to achieve a little sympathy towards her actions.

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