Monday, 31 January 2011

Unit 4: Storytelling

Looking through the brief of this project and it is unmistakable that this is going to be a big project. It's beginning to hit home that things are getting tougher and it's only going to continue piling on pressure. I have learnt so much from when I started on this course as I was extremely intimidated by the work we were shown in our first unit but I have come into a realisation that the work will become obtainable. I am going to have to put in a lot of work this unit as in my style of drawing people I have always gone for realism so I feel it's definitely time to adapt and expand looking into the depths of Disney. Phil's post before Christmas encouraged us to invest in a couple of books and from reading through some of the Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair book I am beginning to understand the foundations of developing cartoon characters.

Through the lucky dip I pulled out the following:
  • Character - Brain Surgeon
  • Environment -Garden
  • Prop - Wheelbarrow
I have thought through a couple of ideas in terms of combining these three foundations of my unit and they are at opposite sides of the scale in terms of emotions conveyed. It seems that on one hand I could venture into a slapstick side......Brain shaped bushes anyone? Then there is the slightly more horrific option.....using the wheelbarrow to hide evidence of failed surgery in his garden?

These are just a couple of beginning thoughts which will surely expand over this unit. Maybe an idea of a brain surgeon with a defecting brain himself? Split personality disorder?............

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