Thursday, 13 January 2011

Simple designs for outcome and talking through the ideas behind them

First up is the idea of having a camera shot inspired by that of an image I found and the work of the Hover series of photographs taken by Gregory Crewdson.

The Camera angle of the above photographs creates a false feel to them both in the way that they are placed at an inhuman eye level therefore it gives them a filmic feel to them. The snowy playground has influenced all my ideas because of the unnatural light which gives out an unwelcoming orange glow around the scene and become darker around the bottom edges of the photo to create mystery.

What I feel has been a must in the scene idea is the inclusion of ominous footprints through the scene. As it will be a night shot I thought the idea of a lone walker through the park in the snow leaving there print on the scene would be rather creepy.

The second idea is that of an eye level shot of a playground with a lot of atmospheric mist which deepens further towards the back of the image slowly engulfing the claw-like branches of the trees into nothingness but a few washed out and bleak light sources in the distance. This I feel would create an extremely claustrophobic feel to the playground and again the footprints make an appearance of our lone wanderer.

Finally the last idea I feel concentrates on the path of our lone wanderer who seems to only leave the park bench as there is no evidence of them entering. The claustrophobic feeling of the mist in the background engulfing the creepy trees will be accompanied by the enclosing of the gates around the park. The parts outside of the gate will be extremely dark much like that of the snowy playground at the beginning of the post to create an eerie and disturbing atmosphere to what should be a happy and joyful place of entertainment.

These are only quick rough outline images but I feel that the third idea comes across as the most eerie with the single light source drawing the eye to a late night visitor original position. However I may decide to change the viewpoint of this image into a high-angled shot and see to what effect that produces.

Images -

Hover - Gregory Crewdson 1996-1997

Dark snowy playground -


  1. Hey Max - a flurry of film reviews - someone is getting themselves organised for next week! Good - in regard to your thumbnails, there was a real strangeness and delicacy of mood about that first thumbnail you posted with the tree in the foreground and the red-framed swing - and the freezing fog and bare trees. It just worked! And I think it worked because it was elegant, uncluttered and 'silent'. That said - the sodium lamp, single light source references have their own strange beauty - personally, I consider combining that first thumbnail, with the night time aspect - while also aiming to keep that fog effect; it would certainly assist you in blending the boundary between the matte painted background and the digital set itself...

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil as always much appreciated. I agree the first image does have a haunting beauty to it but I definately feel that colliding the single light source idea will give it something more.
    As for the film reviews I'm still yet to have seen Repulsion which I will view tomorrow and the reviews are done. I enjoyed the viewing of The Shining as it is a film I've been wanting to see for a while and it didn't disappoint and I enjoyed finding out about the cruelty Kubrick forced upon the actors to make their performances so believable.