Thursday, 13 January 2011

Essay Idea

After witnessing a behind the scenes trailer for L.A. Noire a Rockstar game which should be released soon it amazed me at the technology that the developers were using to create believable facial movements.

This has given me the idea to look into the technology that these developers are using to create the videogames in the essay while talking about how this will affect gameplay. For example In L.A. Noire the player will have to look for clues in the facial movements and expressions of a character during interrogation to move forward in the plot and make key decisions. It is undeniable that while these characters now look incredible it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the picture and there still seems to be something unsettling about that. Sports games fall into the category of this as well as they try to get a likeness of the sportsman in the games and the recent Heavy Rain which boasts amazing facial likenesses but still falls into a disturbing category.

Therefore I will also take inspiration from the uncanny valley from the presentation from Edge which looks into the alternatives of stylisation.

And to finish off, just to be clear I haven't watched the show, but this is how 30 rock explains The Uncanny Valley -

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  1. Okay Max - just remember that you'll need to demonstrate your understanding of the theories of the uncanny before applying them - if you want to discuss the uncanny valley, you'll have to start with Freud...