Monday, 31 January 2011

Unit 4: Storytelling

Looking through the brief of this project and it is unmistakable that this is going to be a big project. It's beginning to hit home that things are getting tougher and it's only going to continue piling on pressure. I have learnt so much from when I started on this course as I was extremely intimidated by the work we were shown in our first unit but I have come into a realisation that the work will become obtainable. I am going to have to put in a lot of work this unit as in my style of drawing people I have always gone for realism so I feel it's definitely time to adapt and expand looking into the depths of Disney. Phil's post before Christmas encouraged us to invest in a couple of books and from reading through some of the Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair book I am beginning to understand the foundations of developing cartoon characters.

Through the lucky dip I pulled out the following:
  • Character - Brain Surgeon
  • Environment -Garden
  • Prop - Wheelbarrow
I have thought through a couple of ideas in terms of combining these three foundations of my unit and they are at opposite sides of the scale in terms of emotions conveyed. It seems that on one hand I could venture into a slapstick side......Brain shaped bushes anyone? Then there is the slightly more horrific option.....using the wheelbarrow to hide evidence of failed surgery in his garden?

These are just a couple of beginning thoughts which will surely expand over this unit. Maybe an idea of a brain surgeon with a defecting brain himself? Split personality disorder?............

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

@ Jon or Alan Tree UV grid trouble

Having a little bit of trouble adding a UV grid lambert to my tree for my scene. It seems to not accept it and stays the same when adding the lambert any thoughts please? Thanks

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

And that's the modelling done

Finally finished the models for my scene now here is the rocking horse

Light model finished

Finished my light model this morning and now I'm going to finish my last model which is the coil springed horse

Monday, 17 January 2011

Tree modelling

Tree model is finished. Took me a very long time in creating curves and getting cylinders to follow the curves with tapar thinning them through their length to making branches

The final image is roughly where the tree will be for my final render. I'm really pleased how well this is turning out so far!

Swing Modelled for final scene

Here is my model for the swings I will use in my scene

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Just a quick question Phil I am looking into Ernst Jentsch and his essay 'On the Psychology of the Uncanny' and I was just wondering whether I was able to use a translation of it from the website scribd found here On the Psychology of the Uncanny for reference in my essay

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Essay Idea

After witnessing a behind the scenes trailer for L.A. Noire a Rockstar game which should be released soon it amazed me at the technology that the developers were using to create believable facial movements.

This has given me the idea to look into the technology that these developers are using to create the videogames in the essay while talking about how this will affect gameplay. For example In L.A. Noire the player will have to look for clues in the facial movements and expressions of a character during interrogation to move forward in the plot and make key decisions. It is undeniable that while these characters now look incredible it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the picture and there still seems to be something unsettling about that. Sports games fall into the category of this as well as they try to get a likeness of the sportsman in the games and the recent Heavy Rain which boasts amazing facial likenesses but still falls into a disturbing category.

Therefore I will also take inspiration from the uncanny valley from the presentation from Edge which looks into the alternatives of stylisation.

And to finish off, just to be clear I haven't watched the show, but this is how 30 rock explains The Uncanny Valley -

Outline of my concept piece

Just starting to build up the concept piece taking on Phil's advice and revisiting the original colour thumbnail. I'm still undecided on whether to keep it similar to the original or have the street lamp as a single light source in darkness.

I think that I am warming to the idea of leaving it as a similar look as my colour thumbnail rather than making it night time as I feel that it won't be as ambiguous as the mist that I used in the first colour thumbnail

Photoshop Phil's Texture tutorial lesson

Forgot to add these on here but this is the lesson before christmas where Phil was teaching us the wonders of texturing.

Here is my wood texture that I have created

It's amazing the effects that you can create from a little square image to create a full blown texture.

This image was just messing around with text on top making the two seem integrated and adding some filters to create this effect

Camera Rig Done

Santa Hat Render

Introduction to Texturing Using Fur Attributes

Bear Fur

Bear Fur Shadows

Bison Fur

Bison Bear 50% Fur

Porcupine Fur

Shee Fur

Sheep, Porcupine, Bison and Bear 25% Fur

Polar Bear Fur

Polar Bear Longer Fur
Polar Bear with Black Plane

Different self shade Polar Bear

Bear before Bald

Bear after Bald Global density 5000

Sample Density

Default Global Density 50000

Baldness = 0.1


Shadows Render

Low Density Render

High Density Render