Monday, 6 December 2010


A couple of years ago there was a film released called Mirrors starring Keifer Sutherland. I didn't manage to get round to seeing it however a friend of mine did and said it was an average film. After recieving this project my thoughts went straight to this movie in which mirrors terrorise the main character and his family.

This was actually a really freaky movie and I really liked the idea behind it. Mirrors are rather eerie as they can distort things much like that of a fairground house of mirrors. They produce a reflection of things and especially in reflecting people it makes you feel like the refletion is watching you and much like the film we sometimes think that they move of their own accord.

I would like to pursue the use of mirrors in my project because they open a gateway into an eerie world, distorting the reality. I also am now weary of the rear view mirror in my car now after watching Mirrors........


  1. mirrors are, undoubtedly, 'unheimlich' - you may have seen this already when I originally posted it, but do check out The Haunted Mirror segment from Dead of Night...

    Also, you might want to do a bit of research into the notion of the Doppleganger - or double; there is something 'unheimlich' about twins, and so, by extension, some associated unease about our reflection (our double) - there's always that idea that our reflection will have an independence from the original (us) - as in the 1-A-Day animated short, 2nd year Leo posted on the group blog...

    Also - I always thought this scene from the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, Dolores Claiborne was wonderfully horrible: (@ 1 min 50 sec)

  2. Ah thanks Phil I didn't see these comments until after I made my most recent post, I will look into doppelgangers and mirrors thank you.