Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Looking at more playground images

First up is an image of a slide taken in Chernobyl which is situated outside a school.

There is something so beautiful and so tranquil about this photograph which comes which comes from its natural look but when you look at the slide and take in the context of the image it becomes something much more disturbing. Something that used to be tender and innocent has become wild and somewhat creepy because of the abandonment of the area, which is the sort of feeling I want to convey to my audience.

I feel that my playground scene should shall be covered in snow and set in a night time environment. I feel that this would produce the eerie feeling I'm trying to recreate. This is because with the snow it creates a orangey unnatural colour which I feel would add to the overall eeriness of the image.

Something like this really. I like the idea of the footprints in the snow as well.


Chernobyl slide -

Wintery Park -

I also recommend looking at the other photos of Chernobyl tour as they are rather haunting -

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  1. Yes - I love that snow-scene - very theatrical lighting - nice and bold!