Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Unfinished work from Fridays Photoshop tutorial

This is a Photoshop painting that I started in Photoshop tutorial on Friday. I really am struggling with Landscape concept art I need so much more practice. I don't know whether to think about adding a twist to the setting as I can't help but feeling that I am regurgitating the descriptions with lack of intuition so I'm sort of freaking out a little ha! I'm probably just tired from work today.......
But anyways these are the few stages to my unfinished piece:

I'm going to look into 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective over the next few days just to try and strengthen my thumbnail ideas that I have at the moment.


  1. Hey Max - don't freak :-)

    Firstly - the point of this brief is to grow new creative muscles; you're not Popeye, so this won't happen right away, it will take time - this is normal, and you're here to learn, so chill out and don't panic. In terms of the 'twist' you're after. By twist, what you actually mean is 'visual concept' - what is the visual identity of your version of The Lost World? (Incidentally, if you haven't read the articles on myUCA/Space about production design and cinematography, give them a whirl - they'll help). You might want to think about the intended audience for the film - in terms of age range, as this might give you some ideas about styles. I think too, you should look at concept art for animated films, because animated films tend to be much bolder in terms of colour palette and stylisation: for instance, see

    Remember, Max - 'realism' is but one possible style that CG can adopt in the making of worlds; artists are much less inhibited; you're already familiar with expressionism, but consider Fauvism, for example, in which artists disregarded the rules of the world in terms of colour, and instead used colour to express the energy and vibrancy of living in the world. Yes, you want to improve your 'realistic' painting skills, but you've been commissioned to produce the concept art for an ANIMATION (not a life-action film).

    Think about Samurai Jack's environment, for example:

    Also, you might look at specific artists for your visual concept: for instance, Rousseau:

    The point is that you are totally in control of this environment - but you need a visual concept - a rule-book for why things in your world look the way they do...

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil sorry for the slight freak out. I will take this information in hand tomorrow as I do believe sleep is the problem.

    Thinking about what you have said I am a lover of Pixar/Disney's Up and just scanning through the concept art I can see much more stylized options for me to toy with if I result in using a younger audience as the target.

    Thanks again Phil

  3. Have you used photoshop to make the entire scene??! Can photoshop be used for this. Its awesome. :[ Wow I'm such an ignoramus.