Sunday, 7 November 2010

Samurai Jack Influence

In light of choosing to aim my concept art at a younger audience therefore heading into a more stylistic approach I researched a bit more into the background work of the cartoon Samurai Jack. The backgrounds for Samurai Jack have a varied colour pallette in scenes but it seems to work really well and makes the cartoon flow really well together. Here are a few images of the concept art which are stirring up more influence for me.

I know I'm quite far behind because of my change in approach but I have reproduced my thumbnails in connection with this stylistic approach and have begun to practice in photoshop. The image that I have produced although it doesn't look much at the moment I have adapted my influences into my vision of The Lost World Concept art. Taking a leaf from Up's book and there are warmer colours for the work

Should finish it soon if not tonight then it will be posted for definite in the morning, I'm really enjoying this approach of working. It's all exciting and childish!!

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