Thursday, 25 November 2010

Photoshop Tutorials

Friday 5th November

This was when I was lost in what to do for this unit I didn't have an idea that was working for me and it felt rubbish. This piece was the beginning for incoporating a new style to my work which I use now and a little step into the realms of perspective to make the world I was creating into a believable one.

This I felt was getting much more results than my first attempt at creating a space. But to incorporate the style into the pieces I wanted to give the rocks a much more cartooney style linking in with my influences of Samurai Jack and Up respectively. Therefore I had an idea which linked to the viewing of Photoshop Phil in action on one of his concept pieces. By using the lasso tool he was able to create different depths with the rock faces giving them much more character and I decided to try this out on my work.

I felt that this would work much better in the piece and give it a different character and style to my work.

Adding these lasso lines to create a character to the the rocks really brings them out and I will continue to incorporate this into my work

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