Thursday, 4 November 2010

@Phil Regarding Essay

Fallout 3 is a videogame released in 2008 by Bethesda studios set in a post-apocolyptic Washington D.C., Northeast Virgninia and parts of Maryland. The reason for choosing this videogame is that it is said to come under the categories of atompunk and retro-futurist by its use of retro 50's style buildings, objects and music with a bit more advancement.

Therefore the idea of this game can link heavily with the Cold War and radiation paranoias. The series of Fallout games are all about different Vaults which the population were put into some of them rumoured to be in use of social experiments by the government. Because of the constant fear of nuclear war high-tech shelters were built for government officials and families sometimes bought their own in hope of survival till it was safer to come out.

The technology is retro-futuristic, with various Raygun Gothic machines such as laser weaponry and boxy  robots. Computers use vacuum tubes instead of transistors, architecture of ruined buildings feature Art Deco and Googie designs, and what few vehicles remain in the world are all 1950s-styled.

Advertising in the 50's mainly targeted housewives with household products and the aim was to tell the audience what they wanted rather than giving them the choice. There are many advertising billboards in certain parts of the Fallout 3 game and show mainly what you expect the public want to hear i.e. Vault Secure!

And here is the advert for the game which I think is brilliant because of the 50's style advert.

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  1. interesting - clear social/cultural context - but can you find lots of research sources from the games developers/designers/reviewers that will give you lots of opportunity to provide corroborative evidence to enrich your argument? If so, progress with confidence! :-)