Friday, 5 November 2010

Influence Map

So I did a few thumbnail sketches the other day, I wasn't happy with where they were going and I felt that I had rushed in blindly with this project and started to panic. After listening to Phil's feedback I have decided to take path away from realism, he showed me concepts for Samurai Jack and a concept for Pocahontas. From Phil's reply I needed to think about the way I was going to portray my concepts and who they were going to be aimed at.

Then I had a rushing idea to the brain of Pixar's UP! Since buying the film on Blu-Ray I watched non-stop for a good few months and now I've started to listen to the soundtrack on repeat........

Anyway away from that I looked upon some concept art of UP and have decided upon targeting a young audience in this unit. UP's storyline of Muntz described at the beginning of the film sounds very much like that of Proffesor Challenger from The Lost World and the fact that the adventure is set in South America is also a similarity.

Today I managed to get hold of the art of UP and also the art of Pocahontas as well and I will work on producing artwork in a more cartooney style. I will work extremely hard over the next few days to interpret the style into my ideas because I have a lot of catching up to do because of my panicky attitude in rushing into this unit. Thanks to Phil for pointing me in the right direction, I am really really excited about this project now!!! Here is a quick influence map for the things that I will be looking into for the next few days.

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  1. This is a much more positive vibe, Max. One of the reasons why CGAA graduate David Keefe's animation "An Audience With" has proven so successful and popular with audiences is because of its strong, clean, distinctive STYLE! Because The Lost World is more 'real world' than some of the other texts, there is an opportunity here for you to impose a style of your own - a distinct visual language. I encourage you to be bold - you can always dial it down a bit if it gets too abstract or 'out there', but break with the notion that realism is preferable; style is preferable! :-)