Thursday, 25 November 2010

Friday 19th Photoshop lesson

This lesson was just a quick chat with photoshop Phil. He seemed pleased with the way my work was headed and said that I should incoporate more little details into my pieces such as little rocks within the piece. He looked at some of my thumbnails and picked upon one of a view of 3 rock structures sprouting from the ground and said that the image would work really well. I started to persue this in photoshop and here is what I had become to create

I think that the image needs a different colour skyline to stand out a bit more, also a bit more foliage round the edges to frame the image more and I feel that it this will be a very strong piece especially with the work put into skylines recently.

Another image that I began before speaking to Phil I chose from my thumbnail drawings was that of the encounter before the lake with the lava rocks and the bubbling black pit. Again nothing finished but something to work with a different colour to show the time of day and playing around with composition.

Phil suggested in adding more smaller details to add more to the image as it looked plain, I think this is suffering in my images. He said in the above image there should be an addition of smaller rock structures which I agree with my images need more going on in them. However this image was about playing around with a different colour for the rocks, this image being in night time and the colours I worked.

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