Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Essay Proposal

So I'm stuck on two options of what I want to write about both being videogames:

Firstly I have thought about looking into the production design of Uncharted 2: Among thieves and how the space that is created is so well integrated with the characters. Also the way the technology that has been put in to the game to create these spaces that makes the cinematic experience that other games lack.

Secondly I thought of looking into the production design of Dante's Inferno based around the Italian poem Divine Comedy. The set design is key in the game to link with each circle that Dante travels through to reach his beloved Beatrice. A worthy thing to look at is the fact that this is a poem which has been portrayed by many different artists and EA note of their insight into Rodin's work which played a heavily influence within the designs.

In content the essays will be very different. The Uncharted 2 essay would take note of the technology which was used in creating the set design and real life settings to create a cinematic experience where as the Dante's Inferno essay would take note of the inspirations to the final design of the setting within the game. I'm a bit hesitant at the moment as to which I should choose but I feel that Uncharted 2 to me seems the harder choice and I feel that because the game visually and story-wise had a great impact on me and I feel that I would be lost much more in the writing.

But like I say it's a proposal if I'm missing the point at all feedback is welcome because I want to make sure that this essay is something I will enjoy and not push off until the last minute like last time!


  1. Hey Max - I must have missed this the first time around. You're obviously being too polite - just put @Phil in the title and I'll find it quick enough. I've already given a number of students the same advice about choosing the subject for your unit 2 assignment. Obviously, because you'll need to support your observations with corroborative evidence and other critical voices (from reputable published sources), you don't want to lumber yourself with a subject about which nothing significant has been written. What you're looking for is something that has provoked discussion, or has somekind of design legacy or influence or gene pool into which you can sink your teeth. For instance, Bioshock has a very strong 'look' in terms of its production design, and is clearly influenced by Metropolis... this means that when you talk about Bioshock, you already know that you're going to be able to enrich your discussion with context (historical/cultural) and you'll be able to satisfy the 'who's who' element (i.e. Fritz Lang/german expressionism etc.) I'm not suggesting you do use Bioshock, I'm just using it to prove the point that what you need is a game about which much has been written (by critics, by the designers and developers) - because, put very simply indeed, this will make your life a gazillion times easier - and it will stop you from writing a very subjective, very generic essay... hope this helps...

  2. HOW COULD I FORGET BIOSHOCK!! The game is stunning!! I will look into your feedback more and decide thanks again