Thursday, 18 November 2010

Adding a level layer into the Plateau

Just wanted to see how the levels adjustment layer would turn out on this drawing.

I love how the levels adjustment has strengthened the colour of the drawing however unfortunatly if I had done a better job on the sky then this would have made a much better piece. I will definately make the practice of skys a priority. Also come to think of it the tress don't have much of an effect now, I think i maye have to look into just sharpening up the rock structures rather than the trees....


  1. Hey Max - I think the tree is a problem right now because, in terms of its colour, it appears to have wandered in from a slightly different world - it's a bit too stark and not 'warm' enough to sit comfortably with the rest of your style - likewise, the tresses coming down from the branches feel too uniformly creating - like I can actually detect the tool used to make them; elsewhere you manage to convey a more hand-drawn quality... I know this is a WIP, but those are my immediate impressions.

    And the sky needs to be bolder - more colour, less clouds - use fewer more shapely clouds; everywhere else, your colours and surfaces are nicely opaque and definite - the sky feels as if your felt pen ran out...

  2. ok Phil thankyou for the feedback I will definately work on these especially the sky, it's an issue I'm dealing with at the moment and with practice hopefully I can perfect them to integrate much better with the rest of the scenery