Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tuesdays Life Drawing

Again a bit late but this is Tuesdays life drawing session. This week was all about observation, making sure we were getting the proportions right and measuring with our pencils to accurately divide the body up. I found this hard at first I wasn't to keen to begin with and found the task a bit frustrating.

My second attempt at this technique was so much better in many respects and I enjoyed it much more, I feel the proportions look much better as the last one I may have measured slightly out. I think this was definitely the best piece of the day.

After this we did a 5 minute sketch of the model to loosen up and while I felt very under pressure with the time limit the outcome was pleasing. The only thing is that I think I should use a different pencil other than a mechanical one so I can get much more detail, definition and expression into the drawings in the short time.

Lastly we did quick minute drawings before the end of the session, these aren't too great because I really should use a different pencil to create some expressive drawings but hey ho here they are anyways.

I'm still loving life drawing even though I had a bit of a fight with the measuring part at the beginning of the session but I do believe I have grasped it! Looking forward to life drawing next week for more practice.

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