Thursday, 28 October 2010

A quick post before bed

I went onto google images and had a look at Amazon Rainforest images. From this I found an incredibly peculiar tree which I really liked and which I decided to have a go a creating in Photoshop in the form of a quick sketch. I'm not used to drawing landscapes to be honest so I feel that this project will be a challenge for me but I feel that for a first try in building up shades and things that the image I have produced in a short period of time is not too bad. I will continue onward and fill tomorrow with more practises of landscapes for friday.

Here is the image that I used which is actually a screensaver in which birds and things fly out from directions...
Here is my image which took me about 20-25 minutes:

This I feel would make an excellent development of the many forest scenes in which the expedition find themselves in. More developments in the key scenes tomorrow with influences and research to follow suit.

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