Friday, 1 October 2010

Quick Body Outline

Here is a quick outline that I hope to have for my hybrid:

In terms of the anatomy it will be more refined to fit my physique but I have begun creating a skull to fit in with how I want it to look. This skull is mainly human with but removing part of the mouth to increase the hole from the nose to the bottom of the jaw. The reason for this idea is that cockroaches can smell with their mouth so i thought of refining the human skull to fit these characteristics. Other ideas include the front of the ribcage beginning to pertrude through the chest playing with the idea of cockroaches shedding their exoskeleton. My other drawings from photoshop will be up soon but I'm excited about where this is going.


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  2. this silhouette reminds me onf donnie darko

  3. I see what you mean hehe. but it's just the silhouette for the moment it will look very different when it's filled in.