Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Unit 2 Folder

In my folder I found that I would be creating the concept art of The Lost World written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The story is based around an expedition to a plateau in the Amazonion section of South America where prehistoric animals are still roaming. The book has had many adaptations including an effort in the shape of a mini television series starring Bob Hoskins. A novel which has spawned a sequel and a series of three films which links heavily to The Lost World storyline adding a twist of modern genetic reasons is Jurassic Park written by Michael Crichton. I have taken out books to do with the making of the film adaptations to Jurassic Park and will be looking at the portrayal of the landscapes that the concept artists have used.

Although I haven't started much of a delve into drawing up ideas yet I decided to take the approach of writing down the key scenes from the descriptions in the samples from the text given. From this I have gained around 12 different scenes in which I can play around with and interpret in my own vision.

The Book is based in the Amazonion part of South America therefore by taking in examples of Amazon vegetations and such images this will help me to understand the nature as to how the plants grow and the colours that they have. Other key scenes that I have looked into will involve me looking at volcanic areas and look at the way that the lava cools to create rock formations. On top of that there will be research into cliffs and hilltop views of South American landscape to get an idea of the colours and shapes I will be working with.

Now that I have gotten this part out of the way I feel very confident into designing the different scenes and will work towards producing many different thumbnails and quick digital paintings and tomorrow I can easily crack on to researching into plant life and characteristics of the Amazon.

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