Saturday, 16 October 2010

Continuation of my Spliced Anatomy idea - Adding colour and learning brushes

I decided to continue with my black and white idea to improve myself in photoshop and therefore began to add colour to it and creating more definition into the anatomy. Phil Hosking has been a huge help over the past few weeks and I am extremely enjoying the photoshop tutorials. I didn't think I could produce work like this using a graphics tablet so thankyou Phil for the awesome tutorials and tips on brushes. This is lacking final development and background which I will be working on in the coming week to bring all my ideas together but I know now that I will definitely enjoy the process and hopefully better my skills even more when producing the final image. Anyways here are the stages of building up colour and definition to my idea:

Like I said before there are still changes to be made but I'm excited about where the project is going. I don't know whether to take Phil H's idea of a bit more armour plating of exoskeleton on certain parts of the body but I'll play with that idea over the next week.

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